Timeline Cover Letter and Resume -Bonner's Class

Time-line for Implementation:
10/28 • Bring your existing resume or a list of accomplishments. In class rewrite resume with goals of clarity of skills, using bullets, using bolds and action words.
11/2 • Work in class to finish Resume. Create Cover letter.
Place on server > 707/708> Professional Practices > Handins > Resume/Cover Letter
BLOG- get yours started by signing up for Google password if you don't have one yet.
11/4 • Deadline send cover letter and resume in a pdf package to susan@visualpump.com as if she is the employer complete with intro email. Blog overview in class. - Setting up the template to be a portfolio site.
11/9- Creating Blog -image prep- bring originals to class -follow post on digital imaging 1 - Digitally Captured and Adjusted Originals
11/11 Visiting Artist

11/16 Blog- Site Maps User Experience Design
7 more classes
Place Images in your blogs- work in class.
Header Image prep- Design Concept
Teacher Evaluations
Resume and Business Plans and Career Plans have been commented on place on the BonnerS server

11/18 •
implement Header designs
make sure you have comments on resume, cover letter, business plan and career plan

Business Collateral
Post Card Designs - Who is it for? What is the catch?
What is the call to action?
Business Card if you don't have one
Mailing Labels

11/25 no class -Wed before Thanksgiving.

Post Card Due
Business Card due
Estimates and Invoices Introduced

Estimate due to Susan via email
Mailing Labels

Interview questions discussed
Printing issues in class

Blog Due w 6-10 pieces
must have good UX Design
Final Deliverables:
Print outs of post card
Print outs of business card
Print out of Estimate
Print out of Resume/Cover Letter
Ready for Mock interviews
Any re-handins must be titled differently then your original
You must email me re-handins