How to make a Proposal

Always follow the guidelines given by the call for proposals.
These may be very detailed.
Create a PDF
Print on nice paper or email with a short written description of the project
Place in a branded package
send before the deadline
Follow up with them to see if they received your package

• cover page with branding
• proposal sketch
• project description
repeating the main points that were addressed in the call for proposals
• who you are (who is the team that will be involved)
• who will administer the project
• brief bios of each team partner
• budget - line itemized and totaled
• who provided estimates and consulting
• who has liability
• who installs
• explanation of the process (timeline)
• references
• example images from previous projects


Community Media Center, Grand Rapids Mi
Dirk Koning Memorial Garden Walkway Design
Collaborative Project, Artists Bill Fischer, Susan Bonner, Shane VanOosterhout
Download the entire Proposal

Job Training through the Arts Mural Proposal
Collaborative Project, Visualpump, Grand Rapids Housing Commission, West Michigan Center for Arts and Technology
Download the entire Proposal

Dirk Koning Memorial Garden Walkway Design Proposal Cover and layout