User Experience Design

What is User Experience Design?
UX Design
Based on Ergonomics- How can the user experience of a website and all content help to to inform, and comfort- it would address the needs of the user first- instead of selling a product outright.

UX Example:
The Dove Beauty Campaign
In this Ad Campaign the product is not mentioned.
Instead they suggest girls and womens user experience with product is a result of mass media influence.
Dove suggests they are different, natural- Click on the link above to see the films.
The website is also a tool to help build self esteem in girls.
Check out the Dove Website to experience the entire UX design
Interactive components of the Dove campaign

This will be a group project that will include:

• Research
• Strategy
• Execution

Group Project:
Client is American Heart Association
Project is to revise the website on Heart Disease
to include:
• 3D animation
• 2D Animation
• Motion Graphics
• Imaging
• Text
• Video

We will pull 3d graphics, motion graphics and animation off the web to use as a surrogate:
Heart Hub Video Index from the American Heart Association (Includes motion, 2d and 3d Animation)

Questions to ask:

Who is the audience?
Be specific, include:
• age
• gender
• culture
• online communities
• print media they buy
• average internet download speed
• What is their emotive push towards going to this website?
• primary language
• color blindness

What mood should the site have?

What information should be conveyed?
What is the best approach to sharing that information?

What does the client feel is the most important thing for this website?

What is the point of view?

If there is an Animated Character - who is it?
If there is narration - who is it?
• Expert
• Voice of God
• Doctor
• Successful Patient
• Nurse
• Insurance Company
• A heart

Concept (menu item) ----- Visuals of what? ----- Deliverables to client

Diagnosis ----- Video of Dr. ------- Storyboard

PreOp ----- Illustration and Text ---- Layout Sketches - then a finished layout

OP ---- 3D Graphics ----- Storyboard ---- example Common Procedures -Angioplasty

Post-Op ---- Illustration, text ---- Layout Sketch ---- example Heart Association (3d) Illustration Library

Recovery ---- Illustration, text ---- Layout Sketch ---- example Heart Association Recovery

Therapy, New Life Choices---- Illustration, text ---- Layout Sketch ---- example Lifestyle Changes

Your Team ---- Digitally Altered Photos of Drs, etc, location and contact info ---- Layout Sketch ---- example Spectrum Health Find a Dr.

Prevention ----- 2D Animation ---- Storyboard ---- example "The Bad Fats Brothers"

• Site Map
• Storyboard - example: Marcia Bujold Design
• Mechanicals
• Layouts - finished (Homepage)

We will pitch the deliverables to a "client"-TBD, visiting professional
How to pitch your idea:
Digitally present it
Example: Wubzy Bible
Created by Bob Doyle