Timeline Business Collateral Project • Bonner

Timeline for implementation:

FALL 2009 

All these dates are TBA  

• Intro to Blogging (blogspot.com)
-Show Susan portfolio for direction of blog.
-Show Susan final choices images for approval for blog Create invoice in class

Deadline - all 6-10 images for blog must be scanned or digitally photographed.
Deadline -email invoice to Susan as the client -Create mailing labels
•  Deadline -mailing labels on an envelope
Deadline - Email Susan link to blog as if you are advertising its launch, make
sure you have your brand as a part of the url instead of the given #’s.
Deadline- last day of class- bring in to place on table all collateral including
business plan or career plan, business cards, blog, resume, leave behind, place
in server a folder with your name on it with all of the finals.